“I have been working for this company from past 2 years and I am very pleased with the management. They take extra effort to ensure that you are placed at the right job with all the proper induction and training. If anyone is looking for full time or on call work, I would definitely recommend you to join here.”

Kevin Hill

“I am working with this business from past one year on a full time basis. Management takes an extra effort to ensure that workers are happy. They also ensure that not only I have proper training for the job but they also provide proper safety gear. Transport is also provided to the staff by the company for commuting to and from work sites. I would definitely suggest working for Labour Enterprises”

Petisini Brown

Health and Safety Policy
This policy is a statement of Labour Enterprises to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our staff with the objective of preventing work related injuries and sickness. We promote a culture where injury to our staff through work is unacceptable, and at no time will the pressure of production ever come before their health and safety.

The main objective of this policy will be achieved by committed leadership from Labour Enterprises and also from the companies we contract to and through the active involvement of our employees, whose valued input is essential for identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards and regularly reviewing performance against the health and safety rules and regulations of the company.

The health and safety, and welfare of all the employees working with Labour Enterprises are a prime concern to us.

It is our policy to emphasize to all employees the need to take some initiative. In anticipating, preventing and correcting any conditions or practices, which may cause harm to any person.

All employees including management have a duty to carry out their work in a responsible manner, adhering to the rules and regulations contained in the Health and Safety handbook.
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  • 3 Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry
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