We have trained and experienced workers ready to be at your services on long term or short term basis. We have people registered with us in wide variety of industrial categories to help you in carrying out promotional, seasonal, permanent, semi permanent or on call work.
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What is the minimum charge to hire a person?

We pay our staff a minimum of 3 hours per day for incentive to go to a job.

How much notice do I have to give you to order staff?

Usually 12 hours, but we are more than happy to discuss your particular service requirements.

How do I pay?

You could simply pay upon receiving our Invoice by direct credit into our account or by company cheque.

Who supervises the workers?

Our clients are responsible for the supervision unless previously arranged with us.

What if a worker is unsuitable?

As rare as it is, should we be notified within the first three hours, we will replace the worker at no charge for the previous worker. Commonsense prevails. Any complaints will be handled quickly and efficiently by us.

Who pays the Holiday pay, ACC levies Statutory Holidays and sick pay?

Labour Enterprises does. You only have to pay our standard rates supplied.

Do I pay the worker directly?

NO. Always pay accounts directly to Labour Enterprises.

What do I do if the worker has an accident?

Contact us immediately, we will collect the worker straight away, after the worker has been taken care of, will come back to you to help fill in an accident report.

Who is responsible for the Health and Safety of the workers?

All of us! The safety of our workers and clients is paramount to us. All clients are expected to have a safe worksite.

Do you have overtime rates?

No. You only pay one standard agreed rate.

Do you have workers available 7days, 24 hours?

Yes, however, all work outside normal office hours has to be pre-arranged, with as much notice as possible to ensure you receive a good selection of staff.

What are your office hours?

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm except Public Holidays.


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